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July 1tth 2013


Threat Level Ultra Box Set

A long time ago in a town far far away (ok, it was Hamilton) Christian, Greg and I started a band called Ghidrah (aka Ghidorah and now Ghidoragh), played a few shows and put out a couple of albums. We started playing together again a year or so ago and the result of that is our new 7 song ep Threat Level Ultra!


It's available to download for whatever you think it's worth (or even less!) here.


It is also available in a box set version (which has now sold out) on a new fangled format called the 3.5 inch floppy disk! Also included are a poster and instruction manual! Ah yes, we are truly a band ahead of it's time.



October 17th 2012


Hot Rod Revue 6

I've recently been doing some design work and putting together this site to promote and hopefully raise some money for Adam Simpson's upcoming documentary on the history of wrestling in New Zealand. It's a fantastic project that Adam has put a huge amount of effort into. If you're interested then please check out the site and if you think you can help out, that would be fantastic!



September 18th 2012


Hot Rod Revue 6

Issue six actually came out a few weeks ago now but with the site update I've got a bit behind. Issue six signals a bit of a change in direction for the mag with a few less pages and a bit more video content. In my opinion this is the best issue yet! Check it out!



September 13th 2012


This is my first full site update update since 2008 so there are probably a load of wrinkles (spelling mistakes, things out of place etc etc) that need ironing out so please bear with me. If you seen anything that looks wrong, please let me know! Cheers.



April 15th 2012


Lucas de Jong screenshot

Lucas, our breakfast reporter at work is just about to head off on his OE and asked me to put together a simple website to help him pick up some work while he's over there - this is what I came up with.



March 4th 2012

HOT ROD REVUE 5 screen shot

Another one! If this website is all you have to go on it probably seems like this is all I do nowadays... it's not quite true, some new stuff should be up soon. In the meantime you can check out the issue five of Hot Rod Revue here and keep updated with what the guys are up to on facebook here.



November 10th 2011

HOT ROD REVUE ISSUE 4 screen shot

The latest Issue of Hot Rod Revue is out now! It just keeps getting better and better - Issue 4 is the longest yet and I think the best! Check it out here!



Various dates 2011

HOT ROD REVUE 1, 2 & 3 screen shot

Hot Rod Revue is a free online hot rod magazine put together by Cal Thorley and a small team of writers and photographers. I put the web side of things together once they're done. It's a fantastic little mag that is also pretty unique as far as I can tell. If hot rods are your bag or you're even a little bit interested I thoroughly recommend checking it out!



December 15st 2010

CHANGING LIVES screen shot

Wow, it's been more than a year since I put anything up here? I guess that's what happens when you get a real job... Anyway I recently shot Corrine Ambler and Moana, her notoriously grumpy ginger tabby for the cover for the Wellington SPCA's newsletter Changing Lives... other than the odd hiss she was really pretty lovely and just had an annoying habit of staring at the ground.



September 15th 2009


Following on from the 99DS exhibition, Christian has added another two sets of 99 hot rods, rat rods race cars and dragsters to the original 99 Deadly Sleds. All three sets are showcased on which Christian designed and I put together over the last couple o weeks. Check it out here! Oh yeah you can get a poster of the first 99 Sleds at eyeball kicks for only 15 bucks!



December 31st 2008


Wow, it's New Years eve already! Where has the year gone? Anyway I just finished the website for my old mates Greg and Christian 99DS exhibition which kicks off in Civic Square down here in Wellington on February the 1st. If you're down these ways it would be well worth a look (provided you're not offended by naked ladies slipping over on banana peels that is!). Check out the website here



July 10th 2008


The Red Shift is back for it's third season in February, and I've just finished updating the website. The show just keeps better and better so if you have any interest in cars, I reckon you should check it out! It's gonna be on Prime at 4.30 on a Saturday from February 21st.



June 6th, 2008


A while back I designed the CD cover for Hamilton Hardcore band Bad Medicine's self titled debut album and today I just received a copy of it. Nice one. You can check out their myspace page here



March 24th, 2008


I just had my first published photo in March's issue of New Zealand Hot Rod magazine. Choice one.



December 14th, 2007


I just had this photo of mine published in the in the newly released fourth edition of the Schmap Wellington Guide! I took the photo at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary when I was on holiday in Wellington in winter last year.



December 2nd, 2007


Well kinda...both of my old bands Ghidrah's CD's are available again (maybe for the last time!) from Sean at No Way Out records in Hamilton - you can order them online from him here.... You wont regret it... or will you??